Solutions & Innovation

Smart Home & Electronic Consumer
Our RFID technology is applied in the field of smart home electronic consumption, achieving functions such as intelligent identification and operation, home safety control, and intelligent inventory management.
The field of new energy vehicles
Our RFID solution helps automotive manufacturing enterprises achieve changes such as transportation unloading, material warehousing, warehouse management, picking and outbound, and intelligent manufacturing traceability. It has been successfully applied in the entire vehicle, power, and spare parts factories of many leading automotive enterprises.
Clothing/Footwear/New Retail
Our RFID solutions bring unprecedented innovation to the clothing, footwear, and new retail industries, taking your product management and customer interaction to new heights.
Warehousing logistics/port terminals
Our RFID solution has brought a new revolution to the warehousing industry, improving the efficiency of warehousing management and reducing errors and losses by real-time tracking and accurate identification of materials and goods.
Tobacco and alcohol/medical health
To achieve information management of tobacco sales, transparency of inventory, and sales status of sales counters, and to achieve information retrieval, approval, and sales status. Prevent product tampering.
Asset archive management
The asset archive management solution utilizes advanced RFID technology to achieve accurate identification and tracking of assets, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of archive management.
Intelligent production manufacturing
The application of RFID technology makes product quality traceability simpler and more reliable. By recording and tracking data from each link, quality problems can be quickly identified and resolved, ensuring the high quality of the product.

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