Production equipment
RFID chip binding (packaging) production line
RFID label composite production line
Import RFID chip binding (packaging) production line
Imported RFID label composite production line
HP Digital Printing Machine-4500
HP Digital Printing Machine-6900
12 color Omite flexographic printing machine
Intermittent high-speed rotary trademark printing machine
Label die-cutting combination line
Rear detection equipment
RFID fully automatic labeling manipulator
RFID read-write detection all-in-one machine
Fully automatic label inspection machine
Label detection die-cutting integrated machine
Semi-automatic label quality inspection machine
NFC label detection machine
RFID label detection machine
Laboratory equipment
ESD static electricity tester
Wear tester
Knocking tester
UV aging tester
High temperature oven
Humidity Chamber
Microcomputer constant temperature and humidity tester
Combustion tester
Salt mist machine
Tensile strength tester
Image measuring instrument

RFID label manufacturer with full printing process

The production and manufacturing base of Zhongneng Science and Technology Park, covering an area of 40000+square meters, provides protection for your products!

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