RFID read-write antenna JOIRF-01CR (9db) series

Electrical performance: Universal antenna for UHF band RFID applications with high gain, low standing wave and other characteristics.

Mechanical properties: beautiful and compact appearance, waterproof ring and silicone double waterproof design, shell with reinforcement design, suitable for all kinds of harsh environment.

Long-distance reading: The JOIRF-01CR(9db) series antenna can achieve long-distance label reading, which can reach a range of several meters to ten meters, which makes this antenna in logistics, warehousing and other fields has a great advantage.

High-speed reading: The JOIRF-01CR(9db) series antenna has a fast reading speed and can read a large number of labels in a short time. This is very beneficial for applications such as quick inventory and quick in-and-out operations.

UHF Intelligent Handheld Terminal JOIRF-01SC series

The UHF Intelligent Handheld Terminal JOIRF-01SC series is a high-performance ultra-high frequency intelligent handheld terminal developed and upgraded by Zhongneng Technology. It integrates powerful UHF ultra-high frequency reading and writing functions, with better sensitivity, which helps to achieve more accurate and faster data collection. Adopting the Android operating system and equipped with a high-performance processor, it has an ultra long battery life.

UHF Intelligent Handheld Terminal JOIRF-i306 series

RFID handheld reader JOIRF-i306 series is the idsee brand handheld intelligent terminal equipment independently developed by the Mass Energy Technology, high-speed eight-core CPU, Android 10.0 system, high-light screen, high-strength protection, high-precision scanning code and high-performance RFID module, and equipped with self-developed high-performance antennas, becoming the ideal choice for multi-scenario applications.

NFC driver free intelligent IC card reader

Drive free, plug and play, fast reading.
Non contact card reading, strong compatibility, support for multiple systems, and stable performance.
Easy to operate and sensitive to sensing.
Equipped with a built-in buzzer design, the sound can reach 20dB, providing effective prompts. The bottom is equipped with anti slip sponge pads all around, and the screws inside can be removed.

RFID tag printer

Advanced and powerful quad-core processor, the application of the original leading printer thermal history control technology HEAT™. The exquisitely designed stationary movement frame combines the unmatched stability and ease of installation of industrial-grade equipment. By performing the operation "paper accuracy is more accurate", the paper accuracy can be quickly and easily restored. Completely bid farewell to the trouble of printing content deformation caused by roller wear, paper thickness change or different paper surface friction coefficient, and reduce the rubber roller replacement frequency. The RFID tag coding verification function can check the coding information after the RFID tag is printed and encoded, and find the abnormal coding problem and report the error in time. 100% label verification accuracy, prevent bad labels from being misused, and provide RFID printing and reading solutions with high accuracy for automated production line label printing.

RFID tag printer ZT600 series

The Zebra ZT600 series RFID label printer has the characteristics of RFID label printing capability, high-speed printing, high-resolution, and multiple connection methods, making it suitable for various RFID label printing application scenarios.

RFID industrial printer ZT411 series

The ZT411 series RFID label printer is a product of Zebra Company, which supports the printing and programming functions of RFID labels, has high printing speed and quality, and supports multiple connection methods, including USB, Ethernet, and serial port. Supports multiple label sizes and types, including thermal labels, direct heat labels, and durable labels. It adopts a reliable industrial grade design with high durability and stability. They can adapt to harsh working environments, such as industrial manufacturing workshops and warehouses, and maintain long-term stable operation.It should be noted that the ZT411 series RFID label printer may also have other features and functions, depending on the specific model and configuration. Users should make reasonable choices and configurations based on their own needs when selecting and using.

FX9600 Fixed UHF RFID Reader/Writer

The FX9600 fixed UHF RFID reader has a sturdy and durable casing and reliable electronic components, adapting to harsh working environments. It has the ability to run stably for a long time and can meet the needs of various application scenarios. It has powerful RFID reading performance, supports multiple antenna connections, and can simultaneously read multiple tags, improving reading efficiency. It also has high sensitivity reading ability, which can read tags at long distances. Supports multiple connection methods and deployment methods, suitable for multiple industries and application fields. It has good scalability and can be expanded in terms of functionality and performance according to requirements.
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