What is RFID?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a radio frequency identification technology that achieves automatic identification and tracking of items through the use of electronic tags and readers. RFID technology can track and manage items without the need for human intervention, improving logistics efficiency and management accuracy. RFID technology is widely used in fields such as logistics, supply chain management, inventory management, asset management, transportation, intelligent manufacturing, etc.

Radio frequency identification technology uses radio frequency signals for data transmission to realize wireless identification of almost all objects. This technology is also the foundation for the development and growth of the Internet of Things. RFID technology allows you to simultaneously identify and track each individual object or multiple objects, even if there is no direct connection within sight.

The following are the technical features of some RFID electronic tags:

1、The identification and reading of RFID electronic tags do not require direct connection.

2、RFID tags can be repeatedly read, written, and reused.

3、RFID electronic tags are very durable and suitable for various harsh environments.

4、RFID readers can read hundreds of electronic tags in one second.

5、The data inside the RFID electronic tag is encrypted and can be locked, with very high security performance.

6、RFID tags can store more data than barcode tags or barcodes.

7、RFID tags can print personalized information such as instructions, barcodes, or company names.

8、The RFID system can be embedded as a subsystem into the company's existing system or other internal systems.

Most RFID systems are composed of the same components. Basically, it can be divided into: readers, antennas, electronic tags, and sometimes other items and accessories with connecting cables.

Even simpler, if you want to be as small and convenient as today's devices, easy to put in and out. All you need is multiple electronic tags and a handheld reader.

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