Research on working in an RFID project

On May 12th, colleagues such as Xu Zhicheng and Cai Gong from the RFID project team of Joinet Technology accepted an invitation from Ms. Lv, a director of the Tanzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce in Zhongshan, the director of the Women's Enterprise Committee, and the general manager of a certain company, to conduct research on the application of RFID technology in a certain company. They were warmly received by Mr. Li, the deputy factory director of Mr. Lv.


Ms. Lv, the general manager of the company, explained in detail to our colleagues the company's corporate culture, corporate values, and other concepts, as well as the current Yongjia intelligent sorting module. In order to quickly and accurately allocate and wash school uniforms, smart chips are attached to each uniform, which is automatically sorted to each student's dormitory through scanning the chips. The intelligent laundry service that follows people's clothing is achieved, and the campus washing service process is introduced, And we look forward to colleagues from Joinet Technology conducting this work research to integrate RFID technology into the digital management of the company's washing workshop and promote it to a higher level of application, providing more efficient technical support for the campus washing business in this segmented field.

Subsequently, Ms. Lv, General Manager of Yongjia, and Mr. Li, Deputy Factory Director, personally accompanied our research colleagues to visit the washing workshop work site.


Through this RFID technology research and exchange, Joinet Technology and the company have higher expectations for further cooperation in the future.

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