Leaders from the Label Technology Magazine and the Label and Special Printing Branch of the China Printing Technology Association visited and visited

With the successful conclusion of the "2024 Top 50 Brand Influence in Label Printing Industry" award ceremony, Ms. Li Yanwen, editor in chief of Label Technology magazine, and Mr. Fu Qiang, consultant of the Label and Special Printing Branch of the China Printing Technology Association, visited the Zhongshan Joinet Technology Park of Zhuhai Joinet Technology Development Co., Ltd. This is not only an important recognition of Joinet Technology, but also a recognition of its industry contribution in the fields of RFID tags and special printing.


Under the warm reception of Mr. Xu Bosheng, founder and chairman of Joinet Technology Group, and Mr. Yang Zhenjie, vice president, the two guests were able to gain a deeper understanding of the company's corporate culture. They then accompanied the two guests to visit the IoT World Exhibition Hall on the first floor to learn about the company's development history, technological research and development, and product innovation.


The latest research and development achievements of RFID tags by Joinet Technology in the IoT World Exhibition Hall have aroused strong interest from two guests. In particular, Joinet Technology's NFC tags have demonstrated strong functionality and broad application prospects in various simulation application scenarios in smart homes, smart home appliances, as well as in the Xiaomi ecosystem and Huawei HarmonyOS ecosystem, which have been highly praised by the two guests.


The UHF RFID tags and HF NFC tags produced by Joinet Technology have a wide range of applications in new retail, clothing, shoes and hats, logistics, warehousing, fixed assets, book and archive management, smart homes, smart home appliances, and other fields. Through this visit, Ms. Li Yanwen and Mr. Fu Qiang gained a deeper understanding of Joinet Technology's research and development capabilities and market prospects in the field of RFID tags.


This visit not only strengthened the communication and cooperation between Joinet Technology and industry media and associations, but also injected new impetus into the development of Joinet Technology in the field of labels and special printing. I believe that in the near future, Joinet Technology will continue to adhere to the concept of innovative development, bringing more technological surprises and breakthroughs to the industry.

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