A case study of RFID application scenarios for a well-known enterprise's production line

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Project background

After packaging, the current product is manually written and pasted on the surface of the packaging box, making it difficult to identify.

It is easy to write incorrect label data when filling out work, with a high error rate.

Picking through manual identification labels results in slow picking speed.

Improve work efficiency and reduce the risk of errors through information management.

Project plan

This scheme uses RFID Super high frequency electronic tags for management. The electronic tags are packaged in a recyclable way to facilitate the back of the tags.

There is a plastic buckle that makes a hole in the outer packaging carton, and the electronic label is directly inserted into the outer packaging hole during installation. It can be directly removed during disassembly.


The project implementing process

Coding:After the packaging of the production line products is completed, the batch number and other relevant information are written into a blank electronic label through the card issuing machine and installed in the outer packaging box.

Search for goods:Using a handheld device, enter the batch number and locate the goods in the shelf area of the production line through short distance identification.

Check up:The inspection station is equipped with an RFID fixed reader, which automatically reads the electronic label and displays it on the adjacent display screen. Workers verify whether the electronic label content is correct. If the electronic label content does not match the actual situation, authorized by management personnel, the electronic label data will be immediately updated at this workstation.

Printing paper labels:At the product offline workstation, automatically scan the electronic label of the packaging box, print a self-adhesive label based on the content of the electronic label and stick it to the surface of the packaging box. At the same time, when removing the electronic label, remove the original electronic label content and recycle it for reuse.

Scheme composition diagram

Generate electronic labels




Check whether the electronic label meets the requirements at the inspection station


Generate paper labels


Software system and hardware equipment

Software system

Electronic label issuance system

Handheld query system

Electronic label inspection and rewriting system

Paper label generation system

Hardware devices

1 set of card issuing machine (card issuing)

1 set of fixed RFID reader (automatic generation of paper labels)

2 sets of RFID handheld devices (picking and inspection)

1 label printer (printing paper labels)

Computer 2 (card issuance and paper label generation)

2000 Super high frequency electronic labels

RFID label manufacturer with full printing process

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