RFID Fixed Asset Management System Solution

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System Overview

Fixed assets, as an important component of enterprise unit assets, together with enterprise funds, intangible assets, etc., constitute enterprise value. The proportion of fixed assets in the total asset value of a company varies depending on the industry, ranging from 20% to 75%. As a component of enterprise management, fixed assets have the characteristics of high value, long service life, and scattered usage locations. In practical work, it is not easy to achieve one-to-one correspondence between accounts, cards, and objects, which brings certain difficulties to the use, supervision, change, replacement, loss, inventory and cleaning of physical objects. There is a direct and close impact on the data report statistics, asset structure analysis, asset evaluation, and corporate listing and restructuring based on it, which has important practical significance for the rapid development of enterprises.

Fixed asset management includes operations such as adding, allocating, idle, scrapping, repairing, and inventorying assets. Fixed asset management is an important component of enterprise management, characterized by high value, long service life, and high management difficulty. In response to these issues, this system utilizes RFID technology to achieve information management of fixed assets.

System Characteristics

1. Practical system functions

2. Efficient data transmission

3. Advanced management methods

4. Unique permission management

System advantages

Improve work efficiency (statistics of asset data, query of asset information)

Save costs on query and registration work

Reduce errors in management information

Preventing asset loss

Facilitate asset information classification and organization


The RFID asset management system uses wireless radio frequency technology (RFID) to equip each fixed asset with an electronic tag with a globally unique ID number, and uses a handheld reader for asset inventory. It can quickly read the electronic tag information on the device and send the read tag information to the backend server for processing through the built-in communication method wireless communication module. A fixed reader is used for access control, and the antenna adopts a circularly polarized antenna to ensure multi angle label recognition. In order to achieve comprehensive and accurate supervision of fixed asset physical assets from the aspects of addition, allocation, idle, scrapping, maintenance, and inventory, combined with asset classification statistics and other reports to truly achieve "account, card, and material" consistency.

Due to the technical characteristics of RFID electronic tags, such as large storage capacity, fast transmission speed, non counterfeiting, and concurrent recognition, it is possible to reliably and real-time record asset related information within the tags through the support of asset management platform databases, thereby conducting real-time asset management supervision, improving business efficiency, and reducing cost expenditures. The clear operation interface and accurate and timely data processing make the system a modern operation mode, providing a more reliable basis for enterprise asset evaluation and decision-making, and avoiding potential hazards that may arise in the fixed asset management process of enterprises and institutions.


system function

1. Daily asset management function

2. Asset depreciation

3. Monthly report of fixed assets

4. Comprehensive query of fixed assets

5. Inventory function

6. System maintenance function

7. Security management function

system benefits

1. Realized full asset lifecycle management and automatic asset management

2. Implementing synchronous management of people, places, time, and things in asset management

3. Eliminated the workload and error rate of manual recording and information transmission

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