A cigarette brand super cloud code solution

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Current situation analysis


Summary of Problems in Applying Variable QR Code to Cigarette Products

Problem of assigning QR codes outside the box

1. Need to change the outer packaging design and printing film - increase costs

2. Changing Packaging to Opaque Stay Wire - Rising Material Costs

3. Appearance changes may be mistaken by consumers for counterfeit cigarettes or taste changes - brand damage

Printing factory activation issue

1. If the QR code is activated at the cigarette label printing factory, there is a risk of being scanned and activated before installing cigarette products at the printing factory

2. There is a significant difference between the printing volume of cigarette labels and the actual production volume of cigarette packs, making it difficult to control them

Difficulties in activating online collection

1. Unable to collect QR code information after packaging, it must be collected and activated before packaging

2. Unable to avoid the impact of defective product elimination and online quality sampling during production, resulting in inaccurate correlation of production information and inability to ensure the predetermined winning rate of outbound products

3. Difficulty in packaging equipment renovation - increased costs and risks

Solution: Implant super cloud code technology


Solution: Apply super cloud code to assign dual codes to cigarette packs


Solution: Super Cloud Code Online Collection


Solution: Features of the solution


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