Application Scenario Case of RFID System for a Famous Enterprise Product

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Product RFID System Overview

·Product RFID system is composed of finished product management system and RFID Automatic identification system

·Using RFID non-contact tags (TAG), the product is completed and shipped to the factory,automated management of all movements. That is to say, the quantity of products, where they are located, and where they are moved are automatically identified and managed.


Product PL bundling, TAG production line

image.png          image.png

      TAG and pallet association            The TAG object is associated with the tray

When the product is completed and logged in, the pallet number is associated with the TAG label

Product pallet storage management


The product tray containing RFID TAG automatically communicates with the RFID device wirelessly through the automatic detection door, and the system automatically completes the entry and login of the product.

Product pallet in warehouse management


During inventory counting, use the PDA with RFID function to automatically obtain information about product pallets and automatically count in stock data.

(PDA uses WiFi to connect to system data)

Product pallet movement management


When products move between warehouses, automatic product movement management can be carried out through RFID Automatic door without human intervention.

Understand the data operation status through the status light.

Product pallet shipment PO login management


By using card type RFID tags, RFID automatic card counting machines can be used to automatically identify batch TAG cards, log in to the system, cancel the association between TAG and products, and reuse TAG.

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