Solution for a well-known enterprise's clothing electronic work ticket system

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What is an RFID electronic work ticket system?

The electronic work ticket adopts RFID wireless radio frequency identification technology, which directly sends the quantity and content of workers' production to the computer in real time through the reading and writing equipment of the RFID card, records the quantity and time spent by workers, analyzes the workshop flow situation, and other functions. It has practical, fast, accurate, environmental protection, and improves production efficiency.


Single piece flow operation process

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) electronic work ticket, which means installing a wireless RFID reader card on the assembly line, and workers swipe the work ticket card after completing a piece of clothing, automatically counting the worker's piece rate wage; Conduct workshop QC quality inspection and rework handling; Analysis of finished product production data report; Real time management, scheduling, and efficiency improvement of the workshop site.


Application examples


System network structure diagram


system function

The electronic work ticket system is a comprehensive solution for on-site management in clothing enterprises' workshops. It adopts the second-generation industrial grade Zigbee wireless communication technology, uses RFID electronic work tickets, and combines ERP production management software to help clothing enterprises automatically calculate worker wages, improve production efficiency, and improve on-site management.

1) Scope of application: bundled flow, single piece flow, mixed mode, collective piece counting

2) Support for setting up processes in the front and back ends

3) Support workshop handover and delivery

4) Support for patch subcontracting and outsourcing

5) You can query the process's process practices

6) Query the output and wages of workers

7) Set worker's target performance and alarm function

8) Support the modification and deduction functions of work tickets

9) Support QC quality inspection and inbound and outbound management

10) Support LED Kanban management

Project benefits

1. Qualitative benefits

1) Operational automation 

Through electronic work tickets, workers can automatically calculate their wages by swiping their work ticket cards after completing their work, making it convenient for workers to log in and assess their performance at any time, avoiding buying and selling work tickets.

2) Real time information

Real time reflection of on-site data in the workshop facilitates managers to improve efficiency and schedule the workshop, monitor production bottlenecks in real-time, and automatically generate various management decision reports, such as workshop target achievement rate, production progress, workshop balance report status, rework rate statistics, etc.

3) Standardization of management 

Through the RFID production management system, from production tracking, production progress to QC quality inspection, the standardization and transparency of production management are greatly improved. Responsibility is assigned to individuals, and defective products are reduced. This helps clothing enterprises improve production efficiency and enhance on-site management capabilities. 

2. Quantitative benefits       

1) Can save 5-8% on labor costs

2) Increase production efficiency by 10-15%

3) Reduce production losses by 10-20%

4) Reduce inventory of work in progress on the production line

5) Real time understanding of workshop production progress

6) Improve better service to customers

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