Smart Park (Parking Lot and Gate) Management Solution

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Current situation and demand analysis of industrial parks

Traditional industrial parks generally adopt a laissez faire and loose manual management mode for vehicles and personnel, which has various management drawbacks, as follows:

The concentration of inbound and outbound vehicles and complex traffic organization make it difficult to effectively supervise and manage inbound and outbound vehicles/goods.

Vehicles entering the park have not been clearly divided and controlled, resulting in disorderly management.

Mobile drivers entering the logistics park are unable to supervise.

The authenticity of ID cards of foreign personnel and visitors entering the logistics park cannot be verified and supervised. Loss, waste, and low efficiency of human resources.

Diversified operation modes, coexistence of multiple systems, isolated information, inability to share resources, and low efficiency. For example, leaders cannot timely understand and monitor the arrival of vehicles, goods, visitors, and operations at various entrances and exits.

There are many manual factors that cannot be regulated, and there is a risk of materials being stolen.

Employee internal parking lot management plan ideas

1. Vehicle entry and exit

A. Vehicle entry: The vehicle enters the entrance card reading area → the video recognition integrated machine automatically recognizes the fixed license plate → the entrance gate automatically opens → the fixed vehicle passes through the entrance gate → the entrance gate automatically drops its pole → the fixed vehicle enters the parking lot to search for a parking space.


B. Vehicle exit: The vehicle enters the exit card reading area → the video recognition integrated machine automatically recognizes the fixed license plate → the entrance gate automatically opens → the fixed vehicle passes through the exit gate → the exit gate automatically drops the pole → the fixed vehicle exits.


2. Introduction to the main functions of the plan

A. Entrance vehicle license plate recognition: Advanced license plate recognition system is adopted, and internal staff vehicles can freely pass through the entrance and exit by pre prefabricating license plate numbers in the system.

B. Exit vehicle detection and opening: The exit of the car passage adopts vehicle ground sensing detection and opening. When the vehicle reaches the exit channel, the vehicle detection coil detects the vehicle and automatically releases it.

C. Expressway gate management: Jieshun digital gate is used at both vehicle entrances and pedestrian entrances and exits. The gate adopts advanced DC servo motor technology, with an opening speed 2-3 times that of a regular gate, which can fully meet the needs of high traffic flow and fast traffic during rush hours.

Train of thought for truck import and export management plan

1. Introduction to Main Functional Processes

A. Entrance vehicle management: the license plate recognition system of advanced vehicles is adopted. After the license plate is recognized, the management computer pops up the vehicle information. The driver uses the driving card or ID card to handle the visitor registration form and then opens the gate for release.

B. Export vehicle management: the advanced license plate recognition system is adopted. After the license plate is recognized, the management computer pops up the vehicle information. The safety management personnel check the driver and vehicle, and the vehicle is released.

Visitor Channel Management System

1. Entrance management process

1) Personnel holding their ID cards register and issue visitor registration forms and QR codes at the management office, and scan the QR codes on the turnstile;

2) If the QR code is valid after scanning, a successful scanning prompt will be given to allow passage. If the scanning is invalid, a failure prompt will be given to prohibit passage;

3) The traffic reminder changes from a red backlight to a green backlight;

4) When a traveler passes through the channel at the specified time, the counter is incremented by 1, waiting for the next person to scan for passage, and the passage prompt changes to a red backlight;

5) If the traveler fails to pass at the specified time, the system will reset and the pass will be invalid. Need to register again.

Information operation and maintenance platform

The data operation platform can achieve remote equipment status audit, system software maintenance, business report query, and channel real-time monitoring access through the standard web networking query function of the system, effectively ensuring data analysis, statistics, query, audit and other applications for on-site vehicle control.

project implementation

1. The implementation of any project requires some prerequisites and agreements, reaching consensus on these matters in advance, and paying attention to these factors at all times during the implementation process, which is a necessary guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project.

2. Both parties will ensure that the project implementation is carried out within the pre agreed scope. If there are any changes, they must follow the scope change control procedures proposed by both parties.

3. The project system support team will be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of all hardware and network environments, providing assurance for project implementation.

4. The client will provide necessary office environments, such as computers, network interfaces, telephones, file cabinets, etc.

5. Our company is responsible for the training of customer project personnel, and the training for end users will be conducted by the customer project team personnel

6. The implementation work will follow the standard functions of the product as much as possible to avoid modifying the original program. If there is indeed a need for change, the best solution should be jointly searched for according to the predetermined implementation scope control procedure.

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