RFID Parking Lot Management System Scheme

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RFID Introduction

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is an automatic identification method that has matured since the 1980s. It has many outstanding advantages:

RFID technology does not require manual intervention, direct contact, and optical visibility to complete information input and processing. It can work in various harsh environments and can recognize high-speed moving objects and multiple labels at the same time. The operation is fast and convenient, achieving passive and contactless operation. It is easy to apply, has no mechanical wear, has a long lifespan, and has no physical interface directly open to end users, Can better ensure the safety of the equipment; High data security performance, in addition to password protection for tags, readers and tags can also authenticate each other to achieve secure communication and storage.


It can penetrate any vehicle protection, including explosion-proof film containing metal wire (any imported or domestic vehicle), which cannot be compared to passive cards over long distances.

Fast card reading speed, long card reading distance, good directionality, and controllable card reading distance (adjustable from 1 to 20 meters). You can read your card at a speed of 10 to 40 kilometers per hour without stopping.

Do not park or open windows to read cards; The card reading is not affected by wind, snow, and thunderstorms outside the car window in harsh weather.

Reading cards without stopping greatly increases the traffic volume, eliminates traffic congestion during peak hours, and saves fuel.

The readers and writers have no interference with each other and good directionality, effectively solving the problem of interference between the front and rear left and right lanes.

Advanced sleep wake up and low-power mode ensure a battery life of more than 3 years (leading technology).

Electronic labels eliminate the issue of import and export interference.

flow chart


Vehicle management

Internal employee vehicle management:

The management system issues parking cards to internal employees' vehicles, recording the license plate number and owner information. Vehicles automatically open the gate to enter and exit the parking lot with the parking card, and the system also records the entry and exit time of this vehicle for future reference.

External vehicle management

The driver shall get off to register the entry and exit of the external vehicles. After registration, the management personnel shall manually open the brake to control the entry and exit of the vehicles.

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