IoT Identification Application Scheme

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Problems in the home appliance industry

Home appliance products have high profits from counterfeiting, and there is an endless stream of counterfeit and inferior products;

Lack of effective management system for cross regional sales and hoarding of goods;

The traditional home appliance industry has not established a link with consumers, and there is no data feedback for enterprises to study;

Home appliance products have high maintenance costs and lack product identity data records, making it difficult for consumers to determine whether they are within the warranty period after sales.

Solution and Value


Implement product anti-counterfeiting through one item one code label and RFID/NFC label, and monitor key information points throughout the entire process of production, warehousing, transportation, and after-sales of household appliances;

Using the central anti-counterfeiting traceability system to record the quality assurance information of products, when there is a return dispute, the after-sales personnel of the enterprise can obtain product identity information through system query to verify whether the product is within the warranty period, effectively preventing the purchase of genuine products and returning them;

Seamless linking of various links ensures comprehensive control of home appliance product distributors, utilizing various Internet of Things technologies to achieve product management, channel control, logistics supervision, and early warning processing of home appliance products;

The central backend system can record detailed product information, circulation information, and sales information in real-time. Enterprises can set permissions to prevent distribution channels from tampering with product information and checking it at any time;

Market personnel can visit the store in real time or provide feedback on the situation of market tampering through anti-counterfeiting queries, without the need to damage labels, and the data is timely and accurate.

Program Value

Upgrade and transform the anti-counterfeiting code assignment method in the home appliance industry, which is different from traditional methods and easier to query anti-counterfeiting;

Effectively tracking the flow of products in the home appliance industry, and promptly curbing the phenomenon of distribution and hoarding in the home appliance industry;

Realize the whole process monitoring of household appliances and the accurate collection and summary of customer information, which is conducive to the formulation of Marketing strategy;

Avoiding the increase in after-sales costs in the home appliance industry, effectively distinguishing between non warranty products and counterfeit and inferior products, and avoiding unnecessary after-sales expenses.

solution design

By using one thing one code label and RFID/NFC label as electronic carriers, it replaces paper vouchers such as warranty cards and invoices held by users when purchasing household appliances. At the same time, it serves as a bridge for information exchange between manufacturers and consumers through identification codes. The identification code serves as a carrier to transmit relevant information about household appliances to consumers, and to transmit information about users, positioning, and faults to household appliance manufacturing enterprises.


Product NFC label design

Communication protocol: ISO14443A, ISO15693

Optional processes: blank, printing, inkjet printing, coding, offset printing, drip printing

Data storage: 10 (years)

Specification: Customer selectable

Optional fabrics: 80g, 160g, 250g Coated paper, PVC, PET, thermal paper, PP synthetic paper, DuPont paper, TESLIN, etc. (i.e. Coated paper+inlay+substrate free Double-sided tape+release paper (or Coated paper)

Working temperature: -25-55 (℃)

Erase life: 100000 times

Size: Can be customized according to customer needs

Application range: 3-4cm

Chip: ultralight, mifare 1k S50, mifare 1k f08, mifare 4K S70, NXP design

NFC labels are implanted externally or internally in the product, writing product information, warranty information, etc., for consumers or maintenance personnel to query the product or read and write repair data.


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